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Hello world

Hello world!

Welcome to my blog!

Who am I?

My name is Ivan Malagon. I’m spanish, born in Zaragoza but living in Madrid. Software engineer by day, Hip-Hop musician at night. Well, not everynight, but I hear drums in my head all the time.

What am I aiming for with this blog?

I always find myself thinking about learning this, improving that, making apps… but in the end I do nothing at all. That time is over! As part of my new years’ resolutions I’ve decided to write this self-development journal, a way of forcing myself to make something in my spare time and show it to the world. I need witnesses to embarrass me if I make no progress.

The topics I want to cover here are mainly two: software development and music theory-to-practice.

Talking about software, I’m now certainly obsessed with XP good practices, mainly TDD and refactoring. My idea is to assign myself some light homework, resolve it and post the solution (or, at least, the main hits of the solution path).

I will focus on mobile development, both native iOS and HTML5/CSS3/Js combo. I have some experience in the former and little-to-none in the latter but I don’t want to miss the cross-platform train and HTML5/Js seems to be the champion in that area.

Talking about music, I’m the half of Grossomodo, a Hip-Hop group of emcees and producers. We’ve published a couple of records and produced lots of tracks for other people. You can see our work in and in our versosperfectos profile. My nickname in the group is Hacheka, hence the name of this blog domain. Right now, I’m a bit retired of the public life but I continue making beats and learning music. I’d like to write the lessons of my piano’s teacher in this blog. His lessons are a bit messy and I need to write them down.

And last but not least, I’ll try my best to post always in english, although I find it a hell of a task. As someone with a technician background I read tons of articles in english but I only write from time to time so I need to improve that skill. If you see me throwing in the towel and writing in spanish, you can punch me (but gently, please).

So this is my public commitmment. Let’s go!

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If you want to talk with me about this post, drop me a line through my contact page.