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Music for Quares

Quares is an addictive puzzle game where you have to fight against the clock, trying to find the biggest squares with its four corners of the same colour. Once you begin to play, you can’t stop. It’s available for iOS and Android platforms, developed by my friends at DoubleEqual (Abel and Guillermo).

They needed a little help with the music so Grossomodo (my colleague Agus and me) composed some fx and three tunes. Our idea was to make catchy loops to inmerse you in the game frenzy. The electronic one that you can hear in the video below is a good example. I think we made it.

Even if you don’t like the music (do you have such a bad taste?) try the game. I dare you to make a Quares, the square that fills all the screen! And it’s free!

Quares App StoreQuares for Android

By the way, if you need some music for your game drop me a line.